Doula Services

You'll notice I write a lot about pregnancy and birth in this blog. That's because I'm a doula, and passionate about the miracle of birth. I sometimes use this blog as a platform to discuss issues in maternity care, which is why some of my posts are titled with the {Ottawa Doula} tag.

When I meet people at social functions and explain that I'm a doula, I'm often met with blank stares. Instead, I will usually say "birth coach," and they seem to understand this term more easily. Doulas are much more than just "birth coaches" though, and our support and presence in the labour room can be viewed as a catalyst for social change. Through our passion for normal birth, we are working to create a more positive and feminist-based approach to maternity care.

You can find out more about my services by visiting my business website: Chickadee Childbirth Services