About Me

I'm Misty. I jumped on the blogging bandwagon in 2010, and soon discovered that I love to write. I'm Mommy to a 2-year old munchkin, and wife to a 30-year old Tom. We recently found out we're expecting our second child in October 2012.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, and work as a Research Assistant for the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. I am also a part-time doula (~ do-la), and you can check out my services page here.

The Chickadee Tweet
In addition to writing, doula-ing and reading, I am also a passionate music lover and player. The chickadee sings such a sweet song, and keeps me grounded in my present life. In the dead of winter, I can always count on my chickadee to serenade me out of the snowy blues.

This blog is what I call a "mixed bag of nuts." You can't peg me as a Mommy Blogger, any more than you can peg me as a birth blogger. I write about what inspires me, be that motherhood, pregnancy, birth, nature, music life and social issues.

I love questions and comments, and you can get in touch by emailing: prattmisty@hotmail.com