Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Men have nipples too!

Parents love to tell stories about the funny things their children say. And so I have to do the same to you today. It's just too good to pass up.

Tom (hubby) got home from work, and as per usual, went into our bedroom to get changed out of his work clothes. A and I followed him in there, as I'm somewhat desperate for adult contact after a day of toddlerhood. A was sitting on the bed next to Tom, and as he took his shirt off, she got a glimpse of his nipples, pointed and said "boobies!"

I was rolling on the floor with laughter, although I don't think Tom was quite so amused. Men seem to get touchy when we talk too much about their nipples or "breast" area. It's a good thing we women are laid back enough to take the constant objectification of our breasts (and let me just reiterate that Tom DOESN'T have man boobs - in fact, he looks EXACTLY like the guy pictured above...I swear!)


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  2. Jeff will often jokingly offer up his manly nipples for Isla to nurse when I am feeling touched out and not in the mood to nurse a three year old. Isla just looks at him in disdain and informs him that he has yucky boobies and she wants yummy boobies (I think its the chest hair that ruins it for her LOL!)


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