Friday, May 27, 2011

The tweet is tweeting (...or twittering?)

I have caved. I signed up for a Twitter account - yet another social media outlet for my already tired brain. Why, you ask? I was finally prompted to do so by my husband, who has, before yesterday, refused to conform and get a facebook account. He likes to sign onto my account and spy on my friends, but he's never bothered to get his own. And yet, here's my socially challenged husand - twittering!

And truly, what would the Chickadee Tweet be without a well established Twitter account? Indeed, what would Chickadee Childbirth Services do without a proper podium upon which one can expound on various topics? Such as, what I ate for breakfast. Or perhaps, the cutest things that A says. No wait! I've got it! I can tweet about A's bowel movements - form, consistency, smell...parents will love it!

In 140 words or less, everyone in the whole world (well, ok, everyone on Twitter) will have access to my most deepest thoughts. This may change the world folks! Soon people will learn that I calculate gas mileage by multiplying the number of kilometres I drive by the price of gas. Or that I forget simple words such as fork, spoon, and watchamacallit? Mommy brain is a thing of wonder and beauty, and will be on display for all to see.

So check me out twittering my days away:


Signing off,
Tweetie McTweeterson

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