Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Ottawa Doula} Another home birth "nightmare"

Sorry folks, you'll notice I'm unabashedly just linking to other great articles lately - I promise to have new (original!) material posted soon.

I had to share this blog post with you, by one of my favourite bloggers The Feminist Breeder. Her use of the word "douchecanoe" (which supposedly comes from another blogger) had me laughing out loud.

To help you with the context, you need to read this article first.

Regardless of your personal decisions/choices, society as a whole needs to understand that home birth is not only safe but also an essential option for some women. If this option were taken away from us (which it wouldn't be, because frankly, you can't control my vagina or how my baby comes out of it), this would be a violation of our reproductive rights as women.


  1. Ugh! That article made my blood boil, and I don't even necessarily want a home birth!

    Misty, is there a difference between a 'lay midwife'and the midwives we have in Ontario? I was under the impression that all midwives in Ontario had to be accredited, or at least go to school to train to be one.

    1. Hey Laura! There is no differences here in Ontario, because lay midwives don't practice here (at least, none that I've heard of!!) All of our midwives are trained and certified and governed by their own policies/procedures. It's only in the States where the lay midwife is pretty active - however, more training has been offered, and there are many highly skilled lay midwives who are out there. But I believe there are also a lot of unskilled ones as well.....I guess it's "buyer beware" for ppl living in the US!

  2. "you can't control my vagina or how my baby comes out of it" Love this!! might have to steal it sometime!

  3. as for the article? years as a doula and nurse have taught me LOTS of doctors have huge ego's and saviour complexes - this guy just decided to write about it.


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