Thursday, July 5, 2012

There's Always Indian

Today was a day that is hard to describe, because it was just so awful.

Not awful because someone died. Not awful because of a major disaster or community tragedy. And not awful, because we could still afford to feed ourselves and enjoy the comfort of our home.

However, in the land of motherhood, this day could have been called "doomsday" - a day where I honestly wondered if I may be threatening the future of the human race. Could my mothering skills somehow be contributing to a younger generation that will destroy our earth through their sheer lack of discipline and sanity?

Yes, I'm being overly dramatic. But I can't help it. I'm pregnant, and pregnant mothers of toddlers feel slightly more desperate than other pregnant or non-pregnant women.

Our day was a day of non-stop screaming and temper tantrums (save for the blissful hour or so I spent at the splash pad with some wonderful friends). Today our dog was attacked by a rampaging toddler. Today I was hit repeatedly and screamed at until my ear drums hurt. Today all attempts at discipline failed, although to give her her due, she did apologize to the dog. Today involved a Mommy who barricaded herself in the office (we have no locks on our doors) and repeatedly chanted "Om" until the risk of murdering her child passed.

And when I couldn't stand it any longer - when 5 p.m. rolled around and no dinner had been prepped, and dishes were still stacked up on the counter, I caved.

"A., get your shoes on, we're going out for dinner!"

Tears dried up in an instant. She opened her eyes, and closed her screaming mouth and said:

"Do they have mango drinks there?"

A Mango Lassi and a shit load of Indian food saved the day.


  1. You are a WISE mama for locking yourself up knowing full well that if you got a hold of your child in that moment........well, your day could have gotten a whole lot worse. Sometimes that is all we need to get through days like these.

  2. Oh Misty...I've done that before...just said fuck it and gone out for dinner to change the mood and setting. Sometimes you need to.

    1. it was definitely what we needed, and although the tantrums started up before bed and she woke up 3 times last night, the storm seems to have passed today :)

  3. Poor you. What an awful day. I'm glad you got out for dinner. Really glad :)


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