Thursday, June 17, 2010


This was what I wrote way-back-when:

I'm hesitant about joining the blogging revolution. I feel like my posts will be forced and silly, full of exaggerated prose. So I've decided to treat my blog like many of us do - as a journal and creative outlet for my daily thoughts. I write not to attract followers (although I am more than happy to have you here!), but more to force myself back into "creative mode." Thus I will direct my posts not to you out there, as this will inhibit my writing, but to my inner self. You know, the one in your journal, whom you address "Dear Diary"....

Here's what I'm writing now:

People often skip back to your first post, to read more about you and find out why you decided to start your blog. Everyone likes to start at the beginning.

The thing I've realized about this life, and about myself, is that we are always in flux. When you think you've got something pinned down, it morphes into a completely different creature, and you are left standing there, going "but, but, but...."

This blog is an example of constant change. I began by grounding my posts in songs - chatting about music, lyrics and poetry (hence, the "Chickadee Tweet"). But the blog quickly took off in different directions, and soon I was chatting more about day-to-day life than I was about music. My doula business took on the same name.

I realized that I can't pin myself down to one topic. I'm interested in everything that belongs in this crazy life, and I want to be allowed to write without feeling as though I'm squished into a box. And therefore, this blog has developed into something that is a little bit of everything. The simplicity of everyday life. As a doula, I write a lot about birth. As a Mom, I write about parenting. As a woman, I often write from a feminist perspective. And as a human being, I write about life. This life.

Enjoy reading (because come on, what blogger doesn't want followers?!)

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