Monday, January 17, 2011

Holidays are for the dogs

This past weekend we celebrated our Pratt family Christmas at my parents' home in Bethany, Ontario. This side of the family usually plans our get-togethers a little late, in order to accomodate our ever growing families. A was delighted to have 4 furry friends attend the party:

Abby the Lab enjoyed knocking over the small children with her All-Mighty Tail

Misty, the long-haired Jack Russell, regaled us all with her agility by jumping into our arms from the ground up!

Darcy the Pug was quite put out by this unplanned doggy bash, as she feels she is the Queen Dog and should be consulted on such matters.

Ripper, the short-haired Jack Russell, is not pictured here. He is 15-years old, and a cranky senior. He spent the party snoozing in his bed upstairs, and was then sent to the neighbours house while we ate. Ripper has a habit of snatching food off of unsuspecting children.

The humanoids amongst this doggy party enjoyed themselves very much (a little too much?) by drinking large amounts of alcohol and consuming steaming bowls of chilli and plates of scalloped potatoes, ham and salads. The night was finished off with a plethora of sweets and hot, creamy coffee.

Time to get going on those health-related resolutions....

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