Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pug has checked out

You've all probably been reading from my Twitter and Facebook accounts (and of course, my frantic calls to family and friends) that our beloved pug Darcy is missing.

Last night was quiet around here - no snuffling and snorting; no sniffling and sneezing; no lapping of water or crunching of bones.

Today is being spent papering the neighbourhood with posters, and calling the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Humane Society in an attempt to locate her. This family isn't a family without our pug!

Tell me about your relationship with your pets (present or past) - have you ever lost a pet?


  1. Oh that sucks! I hope you find her soon!

  2. Just saw on facebook that you found Darcy!! PHEW!! It really is amazing how pets become part of the family. We adopted two cats a few years ago from the humane society here in Holland. They are Persian, so suppppper friendly and cuddly. We live in an apartment, so never let them out (not that I ever would let my cat roam free!) One day Harry somehow slipped on to the balcony before I went to work, and when I came home I couldn't find him anywhere! Frantic hours later, we realized he had jumped onto the balcony below us, and was just sitting there, staring up at ours, waiting patiently. So much relief! We had both of them micro chipped the next day, just in case!


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