Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Wind

A restless spirit comes with this cold wind - the passing of summer finding a burst of cool energy that marks fall here in Ontario. The chill in the air gets into our bones, and we are reminded that the warmth of the sun will soon fade.

With energy comes new resolve: eat better, take a yoga class, drink more water, get in for a check-up...

And yet there is also an ennui. "Autumn's here...autumn's here. It's ok if, you want to cry," sings Hawksley Workman. We are reminded of another passing, the quick march into a new year. And it can make us feel scattered - bored with work, an inability to focus, dragging our feet in the dark mornings.

To shake the ennui, it's best for us to get outside. Enjoy the leaves before they fall. Taste the harvest before it's all cans and jars.

And be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us - the food...the people....the wine!

So long dear summer. Until we meet again.

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  1. I don't know how your blog came off my blogroll...but I'm re-adding. Sorry that I haven't been commenting! I check and comment on about three blogs a day (whatever time allows) and I've always enjoyed yours...but somehow I've missed it for ages! I love the new look!


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