Friday, December 30, 2011

Scatterbrained {New Year's Resolutions}

While everyone else vows to eat and drink less, exercise more, and lose those last 10 lbs, I'm wondering how to resolve to be less scatterbrained. Not a very exciting resolution, I know.

I'm a big picture kind of person. Show me a room that's been redecorated, and I couldn't tell you what was there before. But, I will get a "feel" for the room and decide whether it's to my taste or not (modern, cool, funky, comfy....) I focus on overall feelings and emotions, as opposed to tiny details. The details bore me, frankly.

But this makes for tricky business when I live in a world where people demand preciseness. A big picture person has a tough time following schedules, setting deadlines and often gets caught up in procrastination.

Is it because I don't care about achieving goals and "getting things done"? No, of course not! I just forget...a lot. I forget about appointments I've made, I forget to ask my friend about something important that has happened in her life, and I always, always forget people's names. My head is in the clouds so often that I have a hard time coming down to earth. When I do, I look around in surprise, as though to say "wow, is this what things are really like?"

I've tried to mend my ways. I've posted a massive calendar on our kitchen wall, detailing every appointment, birth and activity coming up. I enter appointments and birthdays into my Blackberry so that the little reminder message will ding me. I try to get my husband to remind me to complete tasks I've started.

And I STILL seem to miss things.

I don't really have an answer to my dilemma, and sometimes wonder whether I'm just not a great fit for the modern world. If I lived in the 1800's, I think I would have been perfectly happy living a Lizzy kind of life (a.k.a Elizabeth, from Pride and Prejudice). Spending my days playing piano, going for walks, and writing in my journal. Oh, and daydreaming, of course. But I'm sure many of those women were bored to tears, and I don't really wish to live in a patriarchal society.

So with a big sigh, I pledge to try to do better in 2012; to try to find little ways to gently bring myself back to this earth - with all its appointments, rushed schedules and full inboxes. If there are any organizational gurus out there reading my blog, send me your favourite tips in the comment box below!

Happy New Year!


  1. If you figure remembering out, let me know. If you remember. :p

    Seriously, I have a huge dry erase board, a desk calendar, and my iphone all to remind me of things and I forget them all the time. It used to be Mommy Brain but at 2 years in that really doesn't fly anymore.

    I need something that records people's words and then set appointments/reminders for me.

  2. Maybe the Iphone will come up with an App! ;)


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