Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seeing the Light

I need to say this very quietly. And then I need to knock on wood, spin in a circle three times, and spit on the rug.

I think the nausea may be easing up.

Now certainly, I've just jinxed it. Tomorrow will be the day I spend hours with my head in the toilet.

But really, truly, I am starting to feel a bit better. And so far, not one Diclectin pill has passed my lips (I took Diclectin throughout my entire first pregnancy. I have nothing against it, and I know it's totally safe. But for some reason, I really wanted to tough it out this time. I felt like last time I relied on Diclectin for both placebo effect and perhaps some sedation - seriously, that shit knocked me out!)

Despite my regular morning vomit (which happens like clockwork), the rest of my days have felt better. Not so many food aversions, and I'm starting to eat a more balanced diet. Here's a sample of what my diet has looked like this past month:

Wake up - eat cheerios, vomit
Toast and peanut butter (possible vomit)
Bagel and cheese, or maybe some hard boiled eggs
Ginger Ale
Burrito (maybe a vomit here)
2 popsicles
Crackers and more cheese

Not pleasant to look at, is it? Certainly not a diet that would sustain a healthy pregnancy. However, the past several days have looked more like this:

Wake up - vomit (forget the cheerios! Throwing up water is easier)
Toast and peanut butter
Gigantic smoothie with coconut milk, avocado, banana and frozen berries
Crackers and cheese
Mary's Organic burritos (stuffed with beans and veggies - I think they're healthy, so don't pop my bubble!)
Dried fruit and nuts
Pasta dish with veggies
Protein snack right before bed

THIS diet has led me to feel much better (duh). The late night snack seems to ward off the middle-of-the-night nausea, and I haven't woken up with a migraine in a little while (knock on wood, spin in a circle three times, spit on carpet). Another trick I'm learning is to never leave the house without food. About 1-2 hours after I've eaten, I need to snack on something else, in order to avoid the empty/sick feeling I get. Dried fruit, crackers and nuts have been piling up in my purse.

So tonight I am off to my first prenatal yoga class, hoping this turning of the tide brings with it more energy and a renewed sense of positivity. I can DO this...I can be pregnant AND happy!!


  1. It sounds like you are on a good way, be proud of yourself! What helped me to overcome my nausea was bread. I always had a dry piece of bread on my night table and I nibbled on it everytime I felt I had to...and it worked, I never had to throw up!

    1. Yes, bread seems to be helpful for me too, as long as I have it with cheese, eggs or peanut butter :) I think I need to feel full all the time

  2. Oh Dear! Do I remember those days all too well. I feel for you, i really do. I was a Diclectin partaker right up until the end both pregnancies and all that did was allow me to vomit anytime, anywhere without the constant feeling of hazy nausea that goes with it all. Somehow I could still function if I carried a yogurt container everywhere I went. I even learned to continue driving for those times I couldn't pull over in time.

    What is so difficult to know right now is that no matter how it all goes for you (and please don't beat yourself up or get too discouraged if the nausea comes back again), the end WILL appear. And you will always look back with great vivid dramatic memories of the time you raised a fetus inside of your body. Its an important time. And no matter what anyone tells you, the pregnancy is healthy and perfect even if you feel sick all the time (as you probably know, some studies show nausea is a good sign that all is well down under).

    Hang in there. It will all be a distant memory that you can post details about on some poor unsuspecting blogger's comments page!

    1. Wow, I can't believe you learned how to vomit and continue driving. It's one of my biggest fears - being on the highway and needing to pull over suddenly. As with most fears though, it has not happened :) Thanks for your kind words of encouragement

  3. I'm glad it's getting better Misty! As of tomorrow I'm exactly 12 weeks pregnant and I think I've been pretty blessed thus far. I haven't thrown up once, I have, however, been overly exhausted and have definitely feet nauseous for large portions of my day - but no vomitting! My doctor gave me Dicletin for the nausea but I haven't felt the need to take it once either! Hope you feel in tip top shape soon :)

    1. Congrats Erica! How exciting!! So happy you're not feeling too sick :)

  4. Fingers crossed its on the way out!! Mine is still coming and going and seems to be coming again as my stomach competes for space! I'm finding my wonky low BP making it harder to manage this time.

    1. I fully expect it to come back later on in the pregnancy. I have my prescription for diclectin tucked away, and I may still need to put it to good use ;) I had the BP issue last time, and it was so hard - dizziness and complete lack of energy to even walk down the block! I'm so glad you're nearing the end


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