Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Musical Musings

It's been so long since I've posted anything music-related. I miss some of my older posts, where I used to talk about music and lyrics, and the joy that a song can bring to my life. But alas, life has shifted so much in recent years, and this blog has moved along with these changes.

Music seems to be less of a presence in my life, but it is never far from my heart. Although I have not picked up my guitar in months, or dusted the springy keys of my piano, I continue to seek solace in songs and lyrics, and continue to be inspired by so many brave musicians out there. I know that my instruments will wait patiently for me, for the day when I am no longer running from one activity to the next - daycare, toddler activities, work, yoga, prenatal appointments, births and postpartum visits.

Where I used to write songs in my head all day long, I now write blog posts. The creative mind knows no limits and follows no specific path, and my words seem to have morphed from melodies into...what? Manifestos? Rants? Occasionally helpful commentaries? Whatever it is I'm doing, people are reading and listening, commenting and following, and I'm amazed that my little blog now attracts 600 unique visitors each month, and 2500 pageviews. No, this is not The Feminist Breeder or PhD in Parenting, but I'm proud of what I've achieved, and look forward to the future. What will my blog look like in two years? Five years?

Despite all the fun I'm having, it's nice to get back to the beginning, and back to basics sometimes. So I'm happy to share some of the music I've been listening to lately....hope you enjoy! (tip: there's a little volume button at the bottom of each video..turn it up!)

The percussion in this song is very marching-band worthy...just try not to tap your foot!!

Good with a warm cup of tea, on a rainy day...

The Swedes have got it goin' on...

What's been on your player lately?

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