Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've borrowed the idea for this post from my friend Sara over at My Points of View

Today, I am 32 years old. Is it cliche to say that I still feel like I'm 22? That I'll probably always feel 22, even when I'm hobbling around with a cane and wearing Depends?

I started writing a big sentimental post about birthdays and ageing, but then I realized I'm only being sentimental because I'm pregnant. Much better to be practical.

So for a fun post, I decided to share 32 things about me....

1. I once wrote and recorded my own CD

2. I busked on the streets of Huntsville, ON, a la Hawksley Workman

3. I worked one summer at Billie Bear Resort in Northern Ontario

4. I convinced a group of students I was travelling with to go skinny dipping in Thailand

5. I have eaten bugs (some type of fried worm, to be exact)

6. I've visited England, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Japan and many parts of North America

7. If given the time, I can read a novel in a matter of hours

8. I'm a crappy housekeeper

9. I like big ideas, but struggle with the small details

10. I  have attended 3 universities, and completed 7 years of post secondary education

11. One day, I hope to do 4 more years of graduate school, and get my PhD

12. When I was little I wanted to be a musician in a "pit band" for broadway musicals

13. We had our wedding reception in a 100-year old barn

14. At that same reception, I may have been the first woman to pee in a port-o-potty in my wedding dress

15. I once caught a baby in a car

16. I've birthed at home, and plan to do it again for my second

17. I once got a job bottling mosquitos for testing in Northern Ontario...I later chickened out

18. I'm scared of bugs, but I don't mind snakes or rodents

19. I can't sew, knit or craft

20. But I can make a mean sweet potato pie

21. In 2008 I ran my first (and last) half marathon

22. I hate my smile, because I think my teeth stick out

23. I like my curly hair

24. I don't own a scale, and rarely weigh myself

25. The first CD I ever owned was "Five Days in July" by Blue Rodeo

26. The first concert I ever went to see (unless you count Sharon, Lois and Braham when I was 5) was U2 in Toronto. It was during their "Pop" tour

27. I was a cheerleader in high school

28. I hate shopping, I hate shoes and I hate clothes

29. I do like purses and bags

30. Our 10-yr plan is to own a small piece of land, build a strawbale home, and raise Nubian goats and chickens (ok, my husband doesn't know about the goats yet...shhhh, don't tell him!)

31. My "when I'm grown up" dreams used to be that I would own a Pug and an old Mini Cooper S. I have the pug, but no mini yet.

32. This morning at 1am, I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world (someone else's, not my own!) Clearly, she was born on the coolest day of the year

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