Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Write

When you're staring at a blank page with serious writer's block, the best advice given is usually:

Just write. Write about anything. What's your dog doing right now? How messy is your kitchen? What's the weather like outside?

It's windy, actually. Sometimes I worry about the giant tree in our front yard uprooting in the wind and crushing us in our beds. Just, you know....the normal, everyday worries we have as mothers. Oh, and fires. I worry a lot about fires. And what about Radon? Apparently we should all be testing our house for radon levels, but do you think I've managed to get out at any point in the last two years to purchase a testing kit?

So there you have it. Writer's block banished by anxiety-ridden commentary.

I haven't written anything of significance in over a year on this blog, mainly because I think I've lost my mojo. I often feel as though bloggers write for attention (look at me! I'm special! And my house is clean!!), but I've recently been reminded that the majority of us write because we love to write. To share, to tell stories, and to reach out to others in this lonely world. And given that all of my other creative hobbies are sitting in dust (my piano, guitar, paints, canvases), the least I can do is write. There's always something left to say.

So I'm coming back. I don't know what you'll find on this blog, but I hope it will be a welcome creative outlet for a frazzled mama.

Which reminds me of a song....


  1. Ugh. I just wrote a comment but it seems to have not worked. Sorry if you get this twice! I was just wondering if you'd ever read 'Writing Down the Bones' by Natalie Goldberg? It is all about freeing the writer within, and learning how to write about everyday experience in a meaninful way. I just started reading it on the subway this morning, and it really resonated with this post!

    1. I'm going to look it up! I've never considered writing to be one of my creative avenues, but it's something I realize that I love to do (and don't do enough of, mainly because I feel like what I'm writing is pointless, lol)

  2. Welcome back! Love the brain dump :)


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