Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday summary

Not much time for blogging recently, so thought I'd summarize some interesting things that have been going on in my life this past week:

1) I had an article published in a local paper that comes with our weekly flyers. I'm hoping this helps to raise the profile of doulas in our community, and am looking forward to approaching bigger media organizations who may bring this type of story to a wider audience: The Wrap

2) Attended my longest birth yet - 24 hours! Discovered that the floor of the hospital labour/delivery rooms are quite comfortable when you are exhausted. Just spread out some linens that you have stolen from the linen closet, grab a sweater to scrunch up as a pillow and you're good to go! The nurses seemed quite amused by my makeshift bed.

3) Must recommend a great book for all you foodies out there. Although I enjoyed Julie and Julia (the movie), I was quite disappointed with Julie Powell's published blog/memoir. I found her very crass and pretty boring!! However, I did recently discover another foodie memoir called Spoon Fed by Kim Severson. Where Powell is crass, Severson is quite eloquent, and certainly touched me much more with her story of how eight famous female cooks helped her turn her life around. The story is perfect for anyone who loves cooking and eating!!

4) Checked out the Orleans Festival here in East Ottawa, although was not quite conscious, as I'd had about 2 hours of sleep. However, I think little A appreciated some Mommy time before I passed out for the afternoon. Looking forward to attending this festival next year when we have more time, as there seemed to be many things to do for both parents and children. I'm always happy to support local businesses and events!

That's about it for my week, and hope to get back to some more regular blog posts in the coming days.

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