Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting Organized

The key to preventing burn-out is to get organized! It takes a lot of time (and a bit of money) to invest in an organized life, but once you get there, things tend to run a bit more smoothly.

In light of my recent discovery that I'm overdoing it, I've decided to find ways to help this family car chug-a-lug!

I went out today and purchased a huge family calendar - the one with the boxes big enough to fit an entire essay! We will be keeping track of Mom and Dad's work schedules, A's playdates, Mom's doula appointments and other social events.

I've also purchased a special calendar for A to assist with potty training. So far, we've been potting training half-heartedly, even though A is showing clear signs that she's ready to do away with diapers. A fun and creative calendar can help kids feel visually motivated about their successes.

In addition to these visual cues and friendly reminders, it's time to get our physical space organized. The office, which is my workspace for most of the week, is still packed with boxes, stacks of paper, and random items (like q-tips??) Hubby's workshop is a DISASTER (think Hurricane Hazel-type disaster), and I have been *gently* proding him to clean it up. I have recently hired someone to help out with some spring cleaning, and we may also retain her services for some organizational advice. I know, it sounds crazy that I actually have to pay someone to do this, but I'm most definitely a rotten organizer. And you can't run your own business without being on the ball.

I read some advice recently on a great birth business website - if we continually have things on our "to do" lists that aren't getting done, we need to consider delegating or outsourcing. In hiring someone to help with spring cleaning (that clearly was not done in the spring!), I am essentially crossing 10 things off my to-do list that I'll probably never get around to. Either that, or my poor Mom will take pity on me and do it when she's visiting. And once our physical space is in order, we'll have the time and sanity to spend on more important things - likely playing with our daughter, exercising and cooking healthy meals.

Tell me your story about how you're making life easier on you and your family - any organizational tips? prattmisty@hotmail.com

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  1. Where did you get the potty training calendar? Cute!


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