Monday, August 15, 2011

Peeking out at the world (I'm on a blogging break, I swear!)

I'm at work (real work) at the moment, and screening 2000 research papers, so it's essential I take a lunch break and join the real world. Here is my addition to the Capital Mom "Monday Moments" blog post. The theme this week is "peeking."

She took a deep breath, and bore down with all her strength. Sweat beaded on her brow, and her cheeks flushed red.

She looked up at me and said "I can't do this." Her eyes were sad, and searching mine for a sign that this would soon be over.

I looked down, and saw the sign she needed - a squishy tip of head peeking out.

"Your baby's head is right there, I said. Reach down and touch her."

With a shaking hand, she reached down and felt around.

"There's so much hair," she exclaimed, looking at me with an excited smile.

With the next contraction, and the roar of a goddess, a baby slipped out and joined the world with a cry.

This post is for all the Mommies who tell me they can't do it, and go on to prove themselves wrong!


  1. That is awesome! I have lived that moment.

  2. It is an incredible thing, isn't it? Great piece of writing!

  3. Awesome. Such a beautiful and empowering moment.

  4. Hi Deedee!

    I posted my pickle recipe on my blog today! Hope you find a minute to do it. They turned out nice.
    take care,


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