Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This chick is sick

Forget the man cold....I have a Mom Cold. The man cold pales in comparison:

  • There is no "999" ladies...the only number you'll be dialing is the pizza delivery guy. Plans of home cooked meals are thrown out the window!

  • Inevitably when you get sick, everyone else seems to sense your need for down time and they ramp up their own expectations of you (and if you are a doula, two women will go into labour on the same day)

  • There is no bell! No one will come rub your forehead and say "poor bunny." Your own mothers are chuckling to themselves...payback time!

  • Children are sick at the same time, and so you are forced to deal with a sniffling, crabby child while feeling as though your head is stuffed with cotton

  • Your man develops a man cold at the same time, and calls 999

It's time to call in the reinforcements (and if you've watched the video, you know that the paramedics are useless!) In this household, Nana and Boompah have arrived, and the other Nana and Papa will be here on Friday. Thank goodness for grandparents!

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