Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking a break

I haven't posted anything on my blog lately. No because there hasn't been things going on in my life, but because I'm just too damned busy.

My recent posts have probably pointed to the fact that I need to take a little break from the online world. I'm finding it difficult juggling two jobs, a toddler and home life. These past few days we went camping with family out near Carleton Place, ON, and it was the first time I can remember in ages just having sat and read a book. And those who know me know that I used to sometimes read a novel in a day, and usually 2-3 novels per week.

This space, my Twitter account (@chickadeedoula), Facebook, email and my website are all wonderful tools to help me promote my business and build up a client base. As well, I have met so many wonderful people on here, and look forward to reading their blogs every day! Despite these benefits, social media takes up a huge chunk of my day, and I often wonder how much is necessary and how much is a time waster (e.g. do I really need to click on a link to find out how to make my own hair gel??)

So, I have decided to take the rest of the summer off! September will be much calmer for me, and so I will return with some new posts at that point. I'll also check in here from time to time to read my fav. blogs. Right now I'm going to concentrate on family, work and home, and maybe even take some time to read a book or two.

See you in September!


  1. You will be missed! But what you say makes a lot of sense. Do blogs imitate life or does life imitate blogging? Hmmmm.
    Have a fabulous rest of summer and I"ll keep you in my 'top blog' list.

  2. RT: FFW - looking forward to checking in and reading your inspirational posts!!


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