Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sometimes I wish I could escape.

To a place where no disembodied voices speak to me - no radio, no TV, and no computer.

This place would be quiet, except for the wind and the tinkling of the leaves.

This place would be warm; wood-stove warm.

In this place, I would need to sit - through it all. Sit through the fear, the silence, the sadness and the joyfulness. When I wasn't sitting, I would be walking, concentrating on the strength of my body.

This place would have simple foods, grown and picked by me. Tea in clay mugs would litter the tables and counters.

Books well-worn and dog-eared would be stacked by the bed, and a simple quilt would be my warmth in the evenings.

This place would be my escape.

Where do you want to escape to?

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