Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I had a chat with a very wise friend today, who reminded me that if I continually say "I can't do it," then clearly, I never WILL do it.

Some of you may find books like "The Secret" to be filled with a bunch of Oprah-like gobbly-gook, but it's interesting to observe that the people who truly believe in the power of intention tend to be happy and successful.

If you look back on your life, you are bound to remember people who had a hand in changing the direction in which you were headed. These could have been the "bad" people (an abhorrent co-worker, a loser boyfriend, or a friend who betrayed you), or the "good" people (an inspiring teacher, a mentor, or a business partner). Regardless of whether they were good or bad in your eyes, you learned a big lesson from them, and then moved on.

Without these serendipitous encounters, we wouldn't be the people we are today.

Which comes back to main point of books like "The Secret." In order to fulfill lifelong dreams, you must have both intention to do so, and the right people around you. You can pray, meditate, and visualize all you want, but if you've got some bum hitching a ride with you along the path of life, you're bound to get distracted and have a horrible crash. (And in case you're getting worried, I'm not alluding to my partner-in-life here - this could be anyone; co-workers, friends, partners/husbands, and even other family members.)

Personally, I think I'm doing a good job of surrounding myself with positive and compassionate people.

Where I'm falling short is in the "intention" department. The think, pray, feel and believe part of where my life is headed. Instead, I'm doing what is safe - financially and emotionally.

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One goal I have as we finish up the end of 2011 is to create a vision board - simply, a big piece of paper (well, you really need stronger cardboard) where you creatively lay out your life goals. These vision boards can be short or long-term. They can be focused on a particular area of your life (e.g. business) and can be as simple or complicated as you make them. I'm hoping my vision board will help me get over my fears and closer to my dreams.

What are your visions or dreams, and how do you make sure you get there?

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  1. Love your post Misty!

    If we all lived by intention - imagine what a world this would be. We would evaluate all of our actions first - was our intention to cause harm or to deliver love?

    Setting an intention to me is preparing a dream to come true! I have a vision board and a list of positive affirmations!



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