Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Honey, Mommy is a Nerd

It's amazing when we hear our children repeat the things we say. Not only is it amazing because these little bundles of joy are learning a language and growing up, but it's also amazing because we see ourselves reflected so clearly in their words.

For instance, I've noticed that I yell at the dog a lot. I know this because A. speaks to the dog in a mean tone of voice, with lots of "Sit!" "Off!" "Get!" in her vocabulary.

I'm trying to reform. Speak to my dog with more respect.

The other thing I've noticed about my language is that....well....I'm a bit of a nerd. Here's just a sample of some of the phrases that A. has picked up from me:

Cool, dude!


Oh my goodness gracious!


Gee Wiz! (ok, I'm kidding about this one...really)

My poor daughter. I have committed her to a life of "gee willy wonkers" turns-of-phrase. Will she ever find friends?

I've decided to commit to speaking in a way that is more "hip." Maybe I'll start swearing and drop some f-bombs around the house.

What funny phrases has your child picked up?


  1. LOL. No kids but love your insight :-).

  2. No! Keep with the nerd talk! Because then I won't be alone. Seriously though, how amazing is it to hear them repeat our silly talk? My friends laugh when I speak rather eloqently around E because I love when he repeats everything I say. Like when he says, "That's ASTASTIC!" or "Look Mommy, it's just so ASOLUTELY BUUTIFUL!!" He makes me proud lol.

  3. My mom used to say "sugan and jam" instead of swearing and I still managed to learn all the bad words... but every now and then I'll be surprised by something new at work and then I need to look it up, thank goodness for the intenet :)
    ~ Mary Ellen


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