Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Days to Breathe

Two days.....it felt long, but of course, never long enough.

Two days to celebrate love.
(can you believe we didn't get a pic of the two of us?)

Two days to taste my first rabbit pie, pig's knuckle and boar sausage.

The Quebec Tasting Platter - the most meat I've eaten in my life

Two days to walk the blistering cold cobblestone streets of Old Quebec.

Two days to dive into a great book (The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, by Wayne Johnston)

Two days to read random poetry on poles... "chaque jour, une fleur" (every day, a flower)

Two days to breathe
though cold, catching breaths
let loose clouds of steam
that rise up and over the steeples
of the old city


  1. It sounds like a wonderful two days!! I'm glad you got away:)


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