Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bloggy Break

I have been on an unintended blogging break! This happens every once in a while - life usually takes over, and creative writing juices do not flow.

I've also "done it again" - over-committed myself, which has resulted in crazy schedules, sickness (because of my lowered immune system), and an overall sense of not being able to follow through on things. So I've spent this past week scaling back, and coming to the realization (again!!) that I can't do it all.

My New Year's resolution was to become less scatterbrained. But I can't be clear of mind if I'm constantly running from one meeting/appointment/event to the next, and never taking time to prioritize.

This weekend hubby and I are off to a romantic weekend away in Quebec City. It's our first time going away sans child (except for one rushed night away for a wedding ages ago), and I'm looking forward to just taking time to breathe...without the constant nagging of Twitter, Facebook, calendars and toddlers.

Once back, I'm excited to write some new posts - I will be chronicling our "cook-off" day for freezer meals (which other families out there might find helpful!), remembering our beloved family dog, and discussing my challenges with prioritizing for health and happiness.

Until then, have a LOVEly Valentine's Day!


  1. Enjoy the getaway :) Have also unitentionally taken a blogging break but hope to be back shortly :)

  2. Have a fabulous time! Enjoy sleeping :)

  3. Good job, mama. We'll be here when you are ready to come back. Have a great weekend away!

  4. Have a wonderful weekend! You deserve every minute of it. Enjoy the quiet peaceful time with your hubby.
    Take care



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